Look at the whole picture and you will see why AffiBank can bring you all e-book sell services you might dream, ever! It does not matter, if you are just beginner or advanced marketer. Now you can setup, rollout, and increase your digital good sales.

Support of four worldwide payment methods

Your customers seldom break their orders if the system supports THEIR preferred payment method.

No other e-book sell service can bring you customers not only from English speaking countries, but also from the Rest of the World. We will provide you simple and easy way with all widely used payment tools. Ask us for other online payment method, if you miss it!




Increase sales is easy

AffiBank brings you most efficient digital goods sales platform today. Just try it - select your preferred topic, choose the book, promote effectively and you will se the results come. We do not charge fixed amount per transaction. We bring you flat percentage commission, it is easy to forecast and manage. So why sales are increasing? Main reasons are because

  • people love to read more and more,
  • paperback books are more and more republished into e-books,
  • e-book readers are on enormous growth,
  • living in information age, people must read to keep themselves alive

This all caused incredible increase sales worldwide. It is upon to your fantasy and possibilities to catch the customers eye and convert him to buy.



Your income never stops

You can work as hard as possible, but never reach 24x7=168 hours a week. We do. So now you can do too. Using our service and marketing effort, your worldwide customers  will enjoy reliable service whatever they come from across the globe.



Think internationally  

Your readers comes from multinational community worldwide. AffiBank speaks with language of your customers. Except of English, today we provide full featured service for selling e-books for 6 more languages, and we are still developing the others. No other system for selling e-books today than AffiBank can bring you reach to 1 billion population of readers.



Safe and reliable

No one can cheat your referral sales of e-book. You can rely on the most sophisticated features available today used in AffiBank architecture and be sure that your business remains yours. We provide you with referred purchase links and direct purchase links, so you can insert them into purchase button. Buy links you are able to use on blogs, e-zines, e-commerce platforms, and also in printed magazines.